Text To Speech Synthesizer 5.0

Text To Speech Synthesizer 5.0: Text To Voice Speech Synthesizer Speech Synthesizer is a great Text To Voice Synthesizer for Children to learn English Speaking & Vocabulary. Speech Synthesizer 5.0 is a powerful text to voice converting application that is extremely useful for converting all types of text to speech, learning English pronunciation and Vocabulary building. The voice synthesizer software runs on all Windows Systems and has adjustable speaking speed.

Mopis 1.2.2: VST/AU soft synth plugin that does subtractive sounds and sample resynthesis.
Mopis 1.2.2

synthesizer that combines traditional subtractive synthesis with sample resynthesis. Subtractive synthesis creates the same sounds that analog synths have used for years, using basic waveforms-- sawtooth, square, triangle, and sine waves-- which are processed by filters. The filter options include a warm, non-linear, analog-style filter, so you can get your favorite analog synth sounds out of Mopis. Our sample resynthesis engine adds a new dimension

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Zephyrus VSTi 1.1: Hybrid Synthesizer that combines an analog synthesis and a SoundFont oscillator
Zephyrus VSTi 1.1

Syntheway Zephyrus is a Hybrid Synthesizer that combines an analog synthesis engine and SoundFont oscillator to produce complex pads and background sounds. Features: - Soundfont Oscillator - 2 Digitally Controlled Oscillator - DCO - 2 Digitally Controlled Filter - DCF - 1 Mixer, controlling 2 Oscillators, volume, filter mod and tracking rate. - LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator) - Portamento / Glide control - MIDI Automation: 23 MIDI CC

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Syntheway Strings VSTi 2.5: Multisampled Ensemble Strings: Virtual  Violin, Viola, Cello & Double Bass
Syntheway Strings VSTi 2.5

Synth Strings, 8. Hybrid Strings, 9. Pizzicato Strings. - Includes 48 presets (36 new predefined sounds: Pad Strings, Synth Strings, Acoustic Ambience and Filters). - All samples have been hand edited with painstaking attention to sonic fidelity, usability and noise levels. -Syntheway Strings has full length sustain samples, no loops (natural decay), stored in 16 bits and 44.100 KHz, providing superb detail for the musician. - ADSR envelope generator

staccato, marcato, double bass, orchestral, daniel laiseca, vsti, viola, syntheway, ensemble, contrabass, instrument, violin, virtual

Syntheway Magnus Choir VSTi 1.6: Magnus is a VSTi plug-in used to create natural, synthetic and hybrid Choir
Syntheway Magnus Choir VSTi 1.6

Magnus Choir is a virtual instrument plug-in which can be used to create natural and synthetic choirs, using a combination of synthesis and sampling. Available for Windows and Linux based VST/FST hosts. For a realistic choral sound, Magnus includes a variety of vocal textures and sustained vowels in multiple dynamics: espressivo, staccato, marcato, crescendo, decrescendo, tenuto, maestoso, legato, and more...

women, gregorian, monk, texture, vocals, daniel laiseca, oohs, vsti, musical, plugin, syntheway, voices, choral

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SYNTH(tm) video game for MS Windows PC. Synth features mathematically generated 3D graphics, and dynamically remixed audio. Synth requires a fast PC.

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Angelina 1.1: Virtual synthesizer plugin specialized in vocal choir pads. A must for ambient !
Angelina 1.1

This virtual instrument uses formant synthesis to generate rich, atmospheric pads sounds. The program is fully midi-controlled. Ultra-rich vocal pads are possible, thanks to the combination of unison mode, granular delay, chorus and reverb. The midi automation capabilities of Angelina are perfect for these long, evolving, breathy synth choirs. Angelina is available both as a vst plugin or as a standalone synth.

voices, fairlight, filter, synthesizer, choir, analog, virtual, angel, ambient, midi, synthesis

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